About Us

Lighthouse Educational Society is a South London-based charity (registration no: 1107551) working to enable and empower young people through education. It aims to raise confidence and ability to take initiative amongst today’s youth. Lighthouse Educational Society is a people-centric organisation aiming to give responsibility to all those who are willing to volunteer.  We encourage involvement from all ages, focusing firstly on parents.

Our Mission

  • Help young people achieve their full potential
  • Broaden life opportunity and ability to take initiative
  • Encourage development of talent
  • Provide a positive environment with an emphasis on enjoyment through innovative teaching
  • Instil a sense of care, cooperation and respect towards others


Lighthouse Educational Society derives its source of inspiration and motivation for its work from the teachings of Turkish Muslim scholar Fethullah Gülen. Gülen’s philosophy is based on a triad of non-denominational education, dialogue and peaceful coexistence, whilst encouraging individuals to be proactive citizens within their communities.