Lighthouse Celebrated Women’s Day at Station

On a busy Wednesday morning of 8TH of March, women commuters at the East Croydon station received roses from volunteers and members of Lighthouse Educational Society.

Lighthouse Educational Society members gave away a rose to every woman at the station in order to celebrate the Women’s Day.

Cookery Club in Croydon
Anyone interested in learning about Turkish Cuisine is invited to Cookery Club organised by Lighthouse Educational Society. On a Wednesday of 1st of March 2017, the Cookery Club members gathered at Lighthouse Educational Society, located in Shirley, Croydon, CR0 8AA.The club is open to everyone who is interested in cooking. People from all levels of cooking skills meet new people and improve their cooking. Lighthouse members organized the event in order to share knowledge about the Turkish cuisine. Lighthouse members are planning to hold the Cookery Club once a month, on Wednesdays.

Iftar Dinner for Children
Eagle Community Centre enabled children to have their own meetings. On 31st, May 2017 Wednesday; an Iftar dinner was given only for children from various age groups.

The Dinner aimed at encouraging young people from the local community to understand the meaning of sharing the food with their friends and understanding the value of community relations. Teachers and tuition centre parents were also involved in the dinner organization.

IXL Award for the Month of February
Students are improving their skills literacy and numeracy through IXL Awards for English and Maths question Challenge.

Between 1st and 28th of February 2017, Axis students and children from age 5 to 15 competed to practice English and Maths questions through the online tool.

Axis Tuition Centres holds the competition monthly. At the end of the competitions, children who won 1st to 3rd prize monthly receive certificates and awards. According to the manager at Axis “The competitions encourage children to practice and revise their school subjects. The competition allows children to develop in Maths and English other than reading books and doing their homework”

Friendship Dinner in Eagle Community Centre
On 23rd March 2017, Lighthouse Educational Society organised a Friendship Dinner in Eagle Community Centre. A team of MA students from Dialogue Studies also took part in the organization of the dinner. The dinner aimed at bringing people from different sectors of the local community in order to discuss locally important issues in a friendly atmosphere.

The dinner’s theme was “Post-Brexit Britain: Communities in Collision or Cohesion.” The speakers talked about the effects on the Brexit to communities. Local people from various occupations including local policymakers, health care professionals, and police representatives joined the dinner and the discussion.

The Friendship Dinner encouraged everyone to create a constructive discussion on the important social issues regarding the local community.

International Women’s Day
Lighthouse Educational Society’s ladies were invited to join Croydon Quaker Ladies for a traditional afternoon cream tea, at the Friends Meeting House, 60 Park Lane Croydon CR01JE.

The event took place on Saturday 11 March 2017 from 2.30 -4 pm. Participants were encouraged to join a conversation related to the event’s theme: “Be Bold for Change.”

Celebrating Women’s Day
Light House Educational Centre celebrated the Women’s Day by gathering its diverse community with different cultures, traditions, and values.
On Tuesday, March 14th, the local women had a chance to meet new people and have a taste of Turkish cuisine.
The event started at 11 in the morning. The aim of the event was to bring the differences into opportunities and inspirations for one another.

Community Ramadan Iftar Dinner 30 May 2017, Tuesday 20.30
Eagle Community Centre, one of three community centres of the Lighthouse Educational Society operating in South London, organised a ‘Ramadan Fast-Breaking Iftar Dinner’ on 30th May 2017 in Eagle Community Centre, 52 Tamworth Road, Croydon with help from a team of Dialogue Society. The idea of the event is to bring people from all sectors of our local community together for a friendly Ramadan Iftar meal and for discussion of issues of local importance.

It is hoped that the event promoted interaction and friendship between all different groups within the local community. It also promoted discussion of important social issues, encouraging people to reflect on these together, have their say, listen to others, and begin to think about constructive solutions to shared difficulties. The guests of honours are the Mayor of Croydon Council, Councilor Toni Letts, candidate MP for Central Croydon Gavin Barwell, councilors and local stakeholders, community leaders responded to key points from the evening’s discussions. It is important that social interaction promoted by this kind of community dinners offered the opportunity for everyone to have a say and enter into a constructive dialogue which can really help to build a strong, active and cohesive local community.

The Ramadan Iftar Dinner brought local people from all walks of life, including Croydon fire station, local school teachers, Croydon Amnesty UK volunteers for a dinner at Lighthouse Educational Society. Around 50 people from the local area representing different community centres, faith groups, stakeholders participated at the event.
Mayor of Croydon, Toni Letts said: “Sharing the values and making bridges in the community is the key and Ramadan is an opportunity for community”
Candidate MP Gavin Barwell addressed guests as “This type of events is really important and support should be with communities coming together”
Iftar Dinner is served from Turkish cuisine before a short clip is showed about what is Ramadan for people and meaning of it.