Outstanding Book Readers Awarded by Cabinet Member- Croydon Branch

Councillor and  Cabinet Member for Communities and Economic Development Mr Vihdi Mohan awarded children at the Croydon Branch.

Students at the Croydon branch were competing against each other in order to read the most amount of books.

As an encouragement for children and parents, Councillor Vidhi Mohan presented the awards to the winner of January 2014. Councillor Mohan also spoke about the importance of reading and the valuable changes it can make in a child’s life.

Councillor Mohan said “When you grow up, you will remember the experience of reading a good book forever”. The students were very happy and parents were equally proud to have had the certificates presented by Councillor Mohan.

Winner of January are as follows;

1-Elanur O (Year 4): 20 Books

2-Emirhan T (Year 4): 9 Books

3-Ismael D (Year 9): 5 Books

4-Gulistan M (Year 11): 3 Books

Book Reading SpeechAll presentsCllr Mohan


present 2 Cllr MohanPresent Cllr Mohan

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