LES Partneships with Harris Academy Greenwich

Welling Branch Partnerships with Harris Academy Greenwich


Welling Branch manager  met with Harris Academy (Greenwich) head teacher Mr George McMillian in talk over how the two could partnership and what benefit this could have on the students. Mr McMillian a man who is highly interested in the academic achievement of his students seeks every opportunity which may be of benefit to his students.  LES praised Mr McMillian for his hard work and confirmed that they would be referring year 6 students in the borough to them as LES believes that the Harris Academy run by Mr McMillian is a great environment for learning.

Mr McMillian confirmed that they would keep LES updated on student progress and raise any areas of concern that they may be facing with the students at hand.   Additionally LES will be offering supplementary lessons to students at the Harris Academy (Greenwich) for extra support for students that need it.



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