Secondary School Selection Seminar

Lighthouse Educational Society, Croydon Branch have invited parents for Secondary School Selection Seminar.

The event took place at the Eagle Community Center at 52 Tamworth Road, Croydon between 15:00- 17:00 on Sunday, 06th October 2013.

Parents were given advice how to pick a secondary school, alongside given points to consider when picking a secondary school.

The feedback received from the year 6 parents was delightful, it became evident that some parents were really confused as to which secondary school they should be picking and this event made it a lot more easy to choose the appropriate school for the student in question.

Alongside preparing students for the SATS exam due to be taken at the end of the academic year in year 6, we also provide genuine advice on how to pick a secondary school for the student as we realise how important this is.




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